Monday, 16 March 2009

The Dried Lake

Tunkwi was an old, joyful man who had a young son aged 26 called Kanucki, Kanucki loved to go down to the lake and collect water with his dad. One day Tunkwi got very ill, so Kanucki went down to the lake everyday to get water for Tunkwi. Eventually, Tunkwi got extremely ill but Kanucki would still go down to the lake a few times a day to get fresh water. The next day Kanucki went down to the lake in the scorching heat, but this day wasn’t like any other it was the hottest day in a decade, worst of all the lake had dried up!

Kanucki was astonished. He had to cross to get to the other lake in Lakota Valley but how he wondered. Kanucki thought and thought until he came up with an idea, he would have to carve a wooden plank out of a tree. After a while the wooden plank was carved and ready to be used. Kanucki put the plank across the deep, dried lake he carefully stood on it, and walked across to the other side.

Now Kanucki could see Lakota Valley in the distance, yet he still had a long way to go. Suddenly Kanucki saw a raging bull charging at him. Kanucki had two choices, they were: run or face the mad bull. Kanucki chose to face the bull! The bull seized! Nervous, Kanucki moved closer and quickly grabbed the bull by its horns, the bull let out a fierce cry, and ran off! Kanucki laughed thankfully!

Several minutes later a figure emerged, it was a man, and his name was Kawano. Kanucki warned Kawano to not go any further as the bull was still around waiting for another target. Kawano was very friendly, Kanucki greeted Kawano warmly. Kawano was from Lakota Valley and offered to give Kanucki a ride to Lakota Valley.

Kanucki told Kawano what had happened and why he had to go to Lakota Valley. Kanucki could see the tepees and the lake from where he was now even clearly. Finally they had reached there destination but Kawano had to go, so he wished good luck to Kanucki and went.

Surrounded by tepees, Kanucki walked over to the blue, cool, gentle flowing lake, he knelt down beside the lake and collected as much water as he could take in one journey. Just as Kanucki was leaving the leader of the bear tribe walked over to him and offered him a horse to ride back to his village, Kanucki was overly happy and wanted to repay the leader of the bear tribe, but the leader would not except anything because of Kanucki’s bravery. Kawano was the son of the leader and had told him everything.

When Kanucki got back to his village where he lived, Kanucki then saw his tepee and rushed over to it with the water. Kanucki wanted to see how Tunkwi was, but Tunkwi was overjoyed that Kanucki was safe and well. The day after was a day of non-stop rain fall, the rain filled up the lake again and Tunkwi was better than ever, it was a miracle. Kanucki was rewarded with an eagle’s feather to go on his head dress.]


Friday, 27 February 2009

Pavita's discusion text

Should there be zoo's ?

Many people like the zoo's; well I definitely know that young children do, but do zoo's hurt animals? Do get animals frustrated and stressed? Should there be zoo's? Some Nature reserves argue that animals should get more space, but some zoo's argue that they don't have enough money now especially now that the credit crunch has hit.

Some people that having zoo's is an amazing experience for young children. The zoo's can be educational as kids can learn about animals at a close range. This can can be fun for children, especially for kids with disability's and problems at their home or school. Children can also interact with some of the animals(the animals that are safe and still cubs). The zoo can be a spacial thing for everyone.

Furthermore, Animals can get protected from hunters and predators. Also scientists say many animals are coming to extinction, and zoo's help this by letting animals breed, and then some zoo's then realise them back into the wild. Animals also get what they need.

On the other hand many people believe that keeping animals in small spaces like zoo's can lead animals getting stressed and fustrated. This can destroy an animal's life , as scientists think that the animals think that they dion't want to live anymore. Scientists also think, that animals think that they are in a type of prison.

Futhermore, animals start to get lazy as animals gat all there food given to them, as normally in the wild they hunt for there food. Also the change of habitat can have some long term effects, such as to exited or to angry in there cage.

I feel that animals cam be in a place that is caring for them but they have to hunt for there food and have lots of space to play. I think nature reserves could be very goog for animals.

By Pavita

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Story So Far

The Titanic

We have been investigating the Titanic, we have found a few artifacts. We have also been finding out what artifacts belong to who the artifacts include spectacle's, a maids dress, perfume and a tie pin. We had to write about the owners of these artifacts, we got split up into four groups and each group had a person to write about. We had been given a piece of paper and on the back of the paper we had to draw what you thought the artifact looked like. We also discovered that John Jacob Aster was the richest man on the Titanic and he died helping all of the other passenger. When all the lifeboats were gone all the people left dressed in there best clothes and waited until the Titanic sank.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Story So Far

The Titanic

A couple of weeks ago in our Mantle we did science about freezes, solids,liquids and gases it was great. We found out that icebergs where made out of compact ice some of the icebergs are nearly up to 17,000 years old thats along time; we also found out that you could find a varity of gases, solids, and liquids. Along side of that we made a massive 3D boat and had to work out where and when people worked; as well as doing all these great activitys we also did an experemant on ice lollies. We put put one on the radiator one on the book case one in a lunch bag and one in the fridge we found that the one on the radoiator melted first as it was the hottest. Never the less the one in the lunch bag was nearly melted so you can see that not all lunch boxes keep things warm.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My diary

April 4th 1912

I am so excited i think my head is going to blow.

We are finely going on the titanic we are in second class.I have seen elevators and sweeping stair case's.

1:15pm - Lunch it was very gay we had turkey, potatoes, sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, peas.

9pm - Bed time i feel really sleepy, full and tired.

Day - two: April5th

it was a lovely breakfast, lunch was better then ever i went on to the deck i saw some thing on the horizon it looked like a tiny ice berg.

Midnight we were woken up by a crew member, he said get on the deck as quick as possible
we have hit an ice berg! We were first on the life boat, we were so scared, I think it has been an hour. We have been picked up by the Virginia, some were picked up by the Carpathia and California. I never saw my dad again.
THE END!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

5/6's new mantle and what we had done so far

Hi Blog

We have started a new mantle and we are Underwater Archaeologists.
Underwater Archaeologists are people who find out artifacts about shipwrecks and other
things that have been underwater for years and years.

I am in the analysis and conservation team alongside with Sian, Duncan and Mr Carpentar.
The analysis and conservation team are people who get the artifacts and clean them up
and analysis the artifacts to identify their age and use.

To start of our new mantle we did a little bit of drama. We pretended to be on a ship and we
were doing our usual jobs, then we were heading towards an ice burg. Courtney and Dylan were
guard dogs, Sian, Bethan and Hannah.P were cleaners and I was the captain and their were
more characters, but I can't remember the rest of the characters.

Next we had a conference call from our boss, Mr Parks and he said to us: "Our money has
started to go down, so I would like you to get into groups and do a display. On the display I
would like you to put on a model of a ship, two diagrams, a 3D drawn or not picture, some
headings, a few paragraphs of writing, and if you want you could add some facts or something
like that. And thats what I would like youto do. So bye,bye."

As soon as we got this phone call we got into our groups and started straight away. In my group I had Sian and Hannnah.C. We had to deiced who was doing which job. So I was doing the headings and diagrams, Sian was doing the 3D picture, and Hannah.C was doing the paragraphs of writing.

From Alex (Ella)xxx

Monday, 24 November 2008

The story so far

The story so far is that we've have started our new mantle of the expert on underwater archaeologists. We are having a great time exploring the underwater mysteries. We have been discovering new ways of doing our job and discovering new mysteries; such as the Titanic.

We had our manager, Mr Parks, call in about our sponsor. Our task was to create 6 display boards about our company. We split up into 6 groups, and we got on with our display boards. We had 3 days to do these displays, and we had to reach our goal.

On the last day everybody had just about finished. Then Mr Parks came into our office with the sponsor. They picked one of the displays that was the best. Once they've did that they had to decide if they were going to be our sponsor. In the end they said "Yes".

Now we have now got the money, we planing to get more equipment, and hopely we can get a submarine.

By Pavita and Alexis jumbo